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Trust & Probate Attorney in Lancaster, CA

When someone we love or care about dies, we think of our own mortality and the effect that dying will have upon our own family and friends. Life is full of surprises, and often, death can be full of more surprises. The role of the estate planning attorney is to help prepare for the inevitable with grace and dignity, not only for peace of mind for the person who shall die, but also for those left behind.

As an attorney, I am a communicator of information as well as an advocate in legal disputes. The estate planning attorney should have experience in not only "planning" the ultimate disposition of an estate, the estate planning attorney should also have experience in the area of will and trust contests. This gives such an attorney unique insight into both ends of the spectrum.

I have enjoyed many years of experience in the preparation of wills, trusts and durable powers of attorney. Equally, I have many years in litigating will and trust contests. This gives me an advantage while preparing and drafting an estate plan, including the proper language and plan for the individual client, which is necessary to avoid an expensive and protracted probate, contest and / or conservatorship.

Additionally, our office provides trust administration services, wherein, after death of the settler, who has revocable trust (the basic purpose of which is to avoid probate), private administration is conducted to terminate and distribute the trust.